Restoration and Brick Services

When you or one of your clients has to deal with loss or damages that come suddenly, or even over time, we'll be there to make your brick or stone look even better than it did before!


Vehicle Impact

Vehicle impacts are unexpected. If not repaired properly they can be a serious safety concern. But don't worry! At Complimentary Brick we repair the damage and restore the area in a way that you might not even remember the impact happened!

  • Impacts can cause unseen damage. At Complimentary Brick we have the expertise to evaluate both obvious and hidden damage.
  • Your building shouldn't look like it has been repaired. That is why at Complimentary Brick we diligently source the closest brick or stone match. Our happy customers often remark that “even the mortar colour matches.”
  • We will complete your project with care. Making sure that the repair process relieves your stress, not adding to it!

Fire/Wind Damage

Natural elements can cause both structural ad aesthetic damage to a building. Fires can be devastating to a home owner and often the smoke and fire damage can be hidden.

  • A storm with lightning, heavy rains, high winds or hail can damage to the chimney or other masonry areas of a building. Our experts will inspect and repair any masonry damaged by these natural elements.
  • Fire damage can be major or minor. At Complimentary Brick we are able to offer an expert inspection of the area in order to assess the extent of the damage to the brick or stone. Our restoration specialists will remove the damaged areas and replace with new or reclaimed brick or stone.
  • A prompt and proper repair ensures the damage is kept to a minimum and the building is restored to its original condition.


We provide a variety of restoration and preservation and reconstruction services. Our craftsmen always take care to ensure the integrity of the original masonry is never compromised.

  • Restoration is not a job- it's an art! It involves skill that can only be gained through years of working on a variety of restoration projects. Our craftsmen will recapture your buildings' original grandeur.
  • Restoring your commercial or residential building is like investing in your future. It often leads to an increase in your property value.
  • We diligently source out matching brick or stone. At Complimentary Brick we only use exceptional quality materials.

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